Our Clients

Choice Controls has specialised within the retail sector for over 10 years ranging from simple timeclock control panels to full BEMS installations. We have also been involved in a wide variety of commercial projects including, offices, hotels, schools and banks.

Case Studies

Superdy UK

superdry stores

Superdry is a UK clothing which focuses on high-quality products that fuse vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style. Superdry, operates through 515 Superdry branded locations in 46 countries. There are 139 owned stores across the UK and mainland Europe.

Choice controls were chosen to supply and install a BEMS control system into all new UK and European stores as well as retro-fit their existing stores.

Tridium BMS was chosen due to its excellent Integration and remote monitoring ability.

All systems are monitored from Superdry head office facilities department.

  • Main BMS control panel linked onto Superdry IP network
  • Lighting systems controlled
  • Air conditioning systems integrated on Bacnet or Modbus
  • Ventilation systems controlled
  • Door heaters integrated on Modbus
  • Metering integrated for remote interrogation

Haskins Garden Centre Roundstone, Angmering


Haskins Garden Centre is 150,000 sq/ft of garden centre and contemporary retail space, incorporating a cafe and restaurant.

Contract value - £90K

Choice Controls Ltd designed, manufactured and commissioned a FDX BMS system to control all HVAC services. The BMS control panel contained a Modbus based FDX BMS control system that has a built in web browser which can be viewed over the sites IP network. A local touch screen display allows access to the system and view all points. The system is monitored off site via VPN link.

System incorporated-

  • 1 Main BMS control panel
  • 1 Sub BMS control panel
  • 38 Roof ventilation control panels
  • LTHW heating
  • Restaurant heating control
  • Lighting control via timeclocks and Lux sensors
  • Roof ventilation controls
  • Boiler room systems
  • Underfloor heating throughout
  • Kitchen extract ventilation
  • DX refrigeration heating and coolingr
  • BMS controls

New Look Stores


New Look are a leading UK retailer operating 672 stores within the UK.

Contract value - Ongoing

Choice Controls Ltd design, manufacture and commission a energy saving control panel that is installed in all new New Look stores. The panel controls all HVAC systems to ensure plant in only run when required to optimise energy savings

System incorporated-

  • Multiple time schedule control of air conditioning, ventilation and door heaters
  • Air handling plant control including recuperator and free cooling
  • Inverter control of AHU fans via return air quality sensors which speed control the fans dependant on shop conditions.
  • Control panel designed to lock out shop staff access to all panel functions apart from system override
  • Ventilation fans control